Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hungry, hungry Livvy!

Olivia got to eat today! She was also able to get off the high flow oxygen onto 1 liter off the wall! This is so great that there has been talk of us going home in the next couple of days.

How awesome is that! We are looking forward to getting to be back together as a family. It's definitely time. Jack and Brooklyn are starting to turn into totally different kids and it's time to get some normalcy back into their lives! So, keep your fingers crossed and say a few extra prayers that we get to head back to Macomb soon!


Anonymous said...

Awesome news and awsome pictures!! We hope aand pray you are all together in Macomb by this weekend with the sun shining, the birds singing and the flowers blooming! Good Luck, Kay and Pat

Kristen & Jason said...

Yay Livvy! Hurry home!


Judy said...

Olivia is looking awfully good for being in the hospital for a little over a month! I'm sure she is getting hard to contain now that she's feeling better. It must be a relief to be able to hold and snuggle her! We're praying that she'll be headed home really really soon!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia,
What a wonderful sight it was to see you eating! We are SO happy for you! We just know that God will continue to watch over you and your family so that you can get home soon!
Jen Weber