Saturday, April 19, 2008

Night shift.

Olivia slept great through the night. They didn't do too much to her. They drew some labs and did a chest xray. The xray was unchanged and some of the labs clotted on the way to the actual lab, so they will try to re-draw today. They just can't find veins on her. She's always been a very hard stick, so they are having trouble drawing again. Anyway, today she is still working a little hard and is acting pretty sick.
So, here's what's on tap for today:
1. Start her on nitric oxide to stint open her lungs and help with her pulmonary hypertension.
2. Find a vein and draw some labs at some point.
3. Do an Echocardiogram to check her cardiac output.
4. Start some stress doses of a steroid. She was on a steroid at home and it was just stopped on Tuesday. This may all relate somehow. We'll cross our fingers that this helps.
5. Hopefully we will be able to wean down her oxygen a little bit. They didn't even attempt it overnight.
6. Get her in a stable position respiratory-wise.
7. Get the sunshine to come back. Where'd you go?

So, we've started attempt #1. The nitric oxide is helping open up her lungs. She is improving her oxygen saturations as I write this.
We'll keep you posted.