Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kindergarten Student of the Month!

That's right. Jack was the Kindergarten Student of the Month for April! We were able to go to the flag ceremony yesterday and see him get recognized, along with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade nominees, in front of the entire school. He was so proud! His teacher nominated him because he is a very good listener and is very kind to all of his classmates. He will get to go have a free lunch buffet at Larry A's pizza (the sponsors for the Student of the Month) and he will have his picture hung in the school and the pizza place! He's so excited.
Congratulations, Jack! We are so proud of you!


Judy said...

Wow Jack!!! Great job. I'm sure your parents, grandparents, teachers and even cousins far away are so proud of you! We love seeing you grow into a little gentleman!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jack! I bet everyone is so proud of you! I have a Jack too...he was born the same day and year as you! Congratulations on your big honor and big day!
Jen Weber