Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Check out all the pics!

Well, it's was a big weekend, and has started out as a big week as well. There seems to be lots happening at the Chatterton household, so thought we should share all the news!

Olivia got another tooth in! That leaves only one left to get until she starts to get her two-year old molars! It just so happens that the one missing is one of her top front teeth. Sorry you can's see the teeth in this picture. It's hard to get a toothy-grin from her. One of these days.

Along the same topic - the Tooth Fairy paid us a visit again last night. Jack lost his 4th tooth! It wasn't really all that loose, but he was trying to bite apart a couple of Legos and the thing just flew out. It was pretty traumatic for a while - lots of blood. Once he got over the initial shock, he was proud as can be!
The next bit of exciting news is that it was finally nice out today! Has Spring finally arrived? It reached about 74 today, and we took advantage of the weather.

Olivia hasn't spent much time outside in her life. If you take away trips to and from the car, it has literally been since last fall. She was so excited to breathe the fresh air and take in all the sights.
It was, however, rather windy!

The kids were also excited to have her outside with them.

What's Brooklyn pointing at, you ask?

Why it's none other than our monkey boy.

Can you believe that kid?

Anyway, Olivia had an appointment at St. Jude's today for some lab work. Her numbers looked great, besides a pretty good drop in her platelet count. No one was concerned about it. We'll go back for more labs in about a month!
High-fives for the great news of the day! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I am so happy to see you guys enjoying the day and each other. It's amazing how the nice weather can make everyone feel better. Glad to hear the good news about Olivia's appt. We're still praying for her and all of you!

Kristen & Jason said...

Aww, love the pictures. It was wonderful to finally get outside. And the cute new spring/summer clothes for Tova were an added bonus today. I was getting pretty tired of the winter stuff ;-)

We have a tree in our yard the boys want to show Jack sometime. They were amazed at how high he was & want to know when they can climb your tree too.


Hotz' said...

Your pics are so heartwarming! It's so great seeing the kids so happy...I know I was pretty happy to be outside yesterday! *winks*

Judy said...

Yay for nice weather!! We too are enjoying some here in Pa!!! I'm so glad to see so many pictures of the kids. Olivia looks fantastic considering everything that she's been through!! Christian was sitting on my lap when we were checking out your pictures. He loved the one of Jack up high in the tree. I hope you've got another beautiful day to enjoy!!

Amy said...

What sweet pictures!! Olivia's face shows her delight in being outside and it is just so precious!! And it looks like Jack and Brooklyn are really good and sweet with her! I am impressed with Jackson's tree climbing skills, and so was Emma:)!! Emma can get up, but she can't get back down:)