Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just hangin' out

Olivia is having a really good day. She has been very sleepy, but happy.

She's done with her antibiotic and they have changed her last IV medication to oral. She had to have another IV put in - this time in her foot. The one in her hand went bad, but she is happy to have the use of her hands back! It makes it much easier to eat and play.

She just finished supper - a rubbery cheeseburger, hard carrots, soggy fries, and pears. Not that I'm complaining - I don't have to eat it. It's just that she finished eating well over a half an hour ago and she's still gnawing on some remnants of the burger.

Anyway, we are getting ready to settle in a watch the finale of Big Brother 9 (one of my guilty pleasures). I can't get enough of reality TV. I have no life of my own outside of the hospital, so I become completely engrossed in others' lives. Until tomorrow...