Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday news

It's been a relatively smooth 24 hours for Olivia. She was able to move over to oxygen off the wall at 4 liters. They want her sats above 90 and she's been hanging out around 86-89, so I wouldn't be too surprised if she were to go back to the high flow. Otherwise, her test came back from yesterday and her adrenal glands work just fine. So, that's good news. She isn't eating very well, but we have still avoided a feeding tube so far. Her IV went bad today (I'm surprised it's lasted this long) and she is such a hard stick that I am dreading them putting another one in. They'll probably wait until she wakes up, so I'm trying to talk her into a really long nap.
She was just up and playing a few minutes ago and was just smiling away. She was playing with all of her toys, pointing at all the pictures in her book and talking up a storm. She got a little mad when I took away the stethoscope she was chewing on. Otherwise, claps and high fives all over the place - definitely feeling better. She is still very, very sleepy, but I think it's her coping mechanism. She'll wake up when they say it's time to go home.

No news on the heart stuff. They are still researching, I assume.

So, I was able to go home last night and spent the night playing with the kids. I had a great reason for going home, but you'll have to be in suspense until I have my camera so I can dedicate a whole post to the "event" with pictures!