Monday, April 7, 2008

My apologies...

First and foremost, I apologize for my lack of blogging over the last week. Now that we are home, you would think I'd have all the time in the world! So, here is a brief recap of the days since Olivia has been home:

Thursday - we had a good day. Olivia's days and nights were totally messed up and all of her new medications were totally throwing things off. It would take about 45 minutes total to prepare her medications, make her bottle, and get her to actually take it. By the time we would finish, it would be about time to start over again.

Friday - we went to Peoria to get her PICC line removed. Everyone was excited to see her. The intensivist said she still sounded absolutely horrible, but we were still free to go. We spent a little time visiting with the doctors and nurses and got out before any germs found her! We return home to professionally cleaned carpets compliments of Stanley Steamer and my in-laws. This was better than going to Disney World!

Saturday - nights are going much better. We are figuring out the meds and how she prefers to take them. Grandma T. (my mom) comes for a sleepover. Zac leaves for his marathon in St. Louis. Grandma plays with the kids while I organize the house.

Sunday - Jack, Brooklyn, and I head to church. It was nice to go since it had been over a month since I had been. The big kids and I then head to my nephew Alais' 3rd birthday. The kids had a blast and I enjoyed some adult interaction. When we got home, Zac was back from the marathon (which he said went well). Grandma left and we had a nice family carry-out dinner.
That brings us today! Olivia saw the pediatrician and she said she sounds great! She does have thrush, so we'll start another medication for the next 10 days. She has made HUGE progress over the last few days. When we got home she couldn't sit up, crawl, and couldn't hold her head up for more than a few minutes. She's already got those skills back and seems more interested in her surroundings than even before her hospitalization.

I've gotten her medications all figured out and she is sleeping much better. We are getting things back to normal (whatever normal is around here). Brooklyn is starting to leave my side and doesn't seem to be constantly attached to my leg. It's nice to have a little of my personal space back.
As strange as it sounds, it's always hard to leave the hospital after these long stays. For one, it's so quiet and peaceful. I do a lot of reading, which is so unlike me, but I actually miss that now. There is also someone else that takes the night shift, so it's quite an adjustment to have to get up every 3 hours. I find it very hard to throw away the diapers and not weigh them first. I've had to start cooking again, but I'll take that over the infamous boxed lunches and dinners from the PICU. Anyway, we miss you all up in the PICU, but are so, so glad to be home!!! Wouldn't trade it if we could!
All in all - Olivia is doing awesome! She is one amazing little girl that couldn't get through any of this without the support and prayers from all of you! Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

We're so glad for all of you. It sounds like everyone is doing great. Please know that you are all in our daily prayers.
Love, MB

Amy said...

I am so thrilled to hear how well Olivia is doing, and that life is returning to a little bit of normal for your family now!! God is good:) I totally understand why it's harder to find to blog when you're home - there are always a million important things that we could be doing besides blogging!! So I'm grateful that you take the time to keep us all updated, even if it's just every once in awhile!! You are amazing! Seriously!

Amy said...

By the way, I never realized how much Jack and Brooklyn look alike!! They really do:) Such precious kiddos!!