Thursday, April 24, 2008

Making headway

Olivia had a really good evening and night last night. She got back down to 3 liters on her high flow, so she was able to try eating again. She loved it, but threw it all up afterwards. We finally experimented with the bottle and I made it just like I do at home. She kept down 2 ounces around midnight and we were able to avoid a feeding tube (so far)! Hooray! The nurse fed her throughout the rest of the night and she kept it all down. I gave her another bottle this morning and she did okay - just lost a little bit of it.
We had a fun evening. Eric and Sandy (friends from G-burg) came over and we got to go out to eat and get a break from the boxed lunches at the hospital. Thank goodness - it was egg salad sandwiches. Yuck!
Anyway, they have been slow on the rounding this morning, so I don't know the plans for the day besides checking her adrenal gland function. I always have a hard time deciding whether it would be better to have a good or bad report on things like this. If her adrenal glands aren't working, then at least it would answer a few questions. If it is working, then we are back to square one, yet it does rule something out. Ugh.
All of her numbers look awesome this morning and she is taking a great nap. We'll continue to pray for good eating and peaceful breathing today!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Julie,
So glad to hear Olivia had a good go, Olivia! I'm also so glad that you got to go out to eat! I continue to pray for Olivia's healing and for your patience and strength to get through it all. You are an inspiration to're a great person! It was great to see your mom that other night...she always puts a smile on my face.
Have a good rest of the day,
Jen Weber