Monday, April 28, 2008


The doctors just finished up with rounds this morning. Dr. T. said that if Olivia has a good day and eats well today, she can go home tomorrow!


This totally threw me for a loop. I wasn't expecting that at all. Now, she does have to take her fluids today. She's been eating solids great, but not so much on the milk. We haven't given her a real shot at it though. So, I'm pushing the fluids today and she's already taken 3 1/2 ounces! I'm only letting her have about an ounce and a half at a time. So far, no gagging, coughing, or puking! Yeah!

Anyway, we discussed why Olivia isn't keeping her sats up. Dr. T. thinks that she is occluding her airway. Because of her floppy airway and the fact that she was vented for an extended period of time or just a "sore" throat could cause this in general. I was thinking the exact same thing, so I'm excited that we are on the same page here.

She did wake up with hives this morning. We can't quite figure out where that might be coming from, but they aren't treating it unless it starts to bother her. They talked about doing Benadryl, but the way she is, they are afraid of what kind of reaction she may have. From Benadryl. See how tricky she is?

They are also trying to get us set up with a high flow oxygen system at home. This will allow her to get more pressure from the flow of the oxygen to help keep her airway open. It will, of course, be more for us to learn. She would also have different oxygen (liquid oxygen) that we would travel with.

Regardless, she is doing great. We haven't heard from the cardiologist about what the thoughts on surgery are. Knowing our luck, he'll come in and say "let's do it tomorrow." So, we obviously aren't getting our hopes up that we will be discharged, but it's nice to know she is doing so well.


Judy said...

Wow that would be great if you could head home. I'm sure you could handle having high flow oxygen there. It might be handy to have around if it helps her stay healthier and if it gets you out of the hospital sooner!!
How weird that Olivia got hives. I guess you never know what you're going to pick up in a hospital. I got pink eye when I had McKenna - go figure. Of course, the obstetrics nurses and OBGYN had no idea what to prescribe me. They waited until the pediatrician did rounds and she wrote me a prescription.

Judy said...

BTW Sue sent me the link to look at pictures from the wedding. I cried when I saw some of them. The pictures of Ty and Sue are so sweet. And there are some great ones of your kids and family. It looks like it would have been the most perfect day, if only Olivia could have been there!

Amy said...

Yay!!! It must be such a relief to know that Olivia is doing so well!! And I loved the pictures of her playing - too adorable. Like Judy, I guess I was picturing her in a crib too, and I'm so glad that she has a way to be sitting up and playing with toys, while still keeping her IV's in place.

Anonymous said...

Great job Olivia!! (and everyone else too). We'll keep our fingers crossed that you all get to come home tomorrow! Come see us soon Olivia!

Lynnette and the rest of the gang at MHS