Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick update

We're home!
We got home around 12:30 this afternoon. Olivia is super happy to be home. So am I for that matter. This is just a quick update. I have two kids that are begging for attention, one in particular. She informed me that I am never, ever allowed to go anywhere without her again and, for the most part, she hasn't left my lap since we've been home. It could be a long evening.
Anyway, if I'm allowed, I'll update more details later.


Anonymous said...

Happy Homecoming! We are thrilled for you! We'll continue our prayers for Olivia to stay healthy and for you and your kids' patience and understanding. Keep the faith!
Jen WEber

Anonymous said...

I was holding my breath in anticipation of those two magical words when I checked your blog. Way to go!! We will continue to pray that all goes well and you all get some much deserved family time. I was also going to say rest but I am sure that won't be happening for awhile! Hang in there, Kay

Judy said...

So glad that you're home!!! I'm sure Jack and Brooklyn will be wanting lots of mommy time for the next couple of days. We'll be praying that this will be the last hospital visit before the next heart surgery!!
Get a good nights sleep in your own bed!

Hotz' said...

YAY! Welcome back to M-town...