Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good mornin'

Olivia did great through the night. She is still very, very sleepy, but when she does wake up, she is much more perky than yesterday. She is peeing like crazy, which is good. It's gets the extra fluid off of her lungs. There have been no changes made, but since she has stayed stable for a good 18 hours or so, I imagine they will plan to try to wean her oxygen down today so she can eat.
The other goal for the day is to get some labs drawn. They were unsuccessful yesterday with getting any blood, so we'll try again today. It's hard to see her being used as a little pin cushion, but if she would just get some better veins, this wouldn't be so difficult! Anyway, we are praying for a better day today. Yesterday was a bad, bad day. So, we are glad it's over and we have a whole new day to look forward to! I'll probably post again after rounds if there are any big plans for the day.


Anonymous said...

We are so sorry to hear about the mishap and Olivia's setback. Glad to hear the good news about her bone marrow biopsy. We are keeping her in our prayers and saying extra prayers for MOM and DAD to help you get through this very stressful time. Hang in there, the sun is shining today!! Kay and Pat