Friday, July 11, 2008

Cautiously optimistic

My mom took the morning shift today so I could take Jack to an appointment. Needless to say, I am rather surprised with the plans for the next few days. I am trying really hard to keep positive thoughts, but this is Olivia we are dealing with. She likes to take things really slow. We may just need a few extra prayers over the next few days. Anyway, here are the plans: Her pacer wires (or jumper cables, as Zac refers to them as) came out this morning, her calcium drip is switching over to intermittent doses, her milrinone (blood pressure/heart med) will be off in 72 hours, and best of all, to try to get her off of high flow and back to a regular nasal cannula by tomorrow morning. If this last one works out, that means she may be able to eat (if she remembers how!) Now, do you see why those extras prayers might come in handy?!?
Otherwise, she is already down to 50% oxygen and 6 liters and she has been up and playing all morning.
Another crazy thing is that all of her blood counts are uncharacteristically high. Her platelets normally hang out around 30,000 and they are well over 100,000. Even the doctors were double checking to make sure they were looking at the right chart. Who knows? Maybe she's decided she would rather be at home as a family for some of the summer. I know we would.


Anonymous said...

Dear Chatterton Family,
We'll be praying for everything to keep looking up like it is today!
Thanks for keeping up with your are such a SPECIAL part of my day. "My Jack" asks about you all every time I get on the computer...he says, "Are you praying today,Mom?" and I always reply,"ABSOLUTELY!" He thinks it is so cool that he and "your Jack" were born on the same day and same year! :) Keep up that positive thinking!
Jen Weber

Anonymous said...

Great News Chattertons!
We will be praying for more good days. It would be great to see you in Macomb this summer. We will also stay cautiously optimistic. Kathy