Wednesday, July 2, 2008

St. Jude Run

Zac is taking on the challenge of running the St. Jude Macomb to Peoria run this year on August 2. He had originally decided to run after hearing about it from people who ran last year. Who knew a few months later Olivia would be diagnosed with pre-leukemia. Anyway, we are sending out pledge letters and envelopes to most of our friends and family. We left out a lot of the Trent/Pardieck side since you all just donated to ACS through Emmy and Tyler. So, please, please don't feel obligated to donate again if you already did.
However, if you don't get a letter in the next few days and would like to donate, drop us an email or a comment on the blog and we'll be sure to send you a letter and envelope!
All donations are 100% tax deductible and go directly to the St. Jude Midwest Affiliate here at the hospital. This will directly benefit Olivia and all of the kids of St. Jude. Olivia should be receiving most, if not all, of her chemo treatments through the Midwest Affiliate.
Thanks so much for your support!


Anonymous said...

So exciting to hear Zac is doing the Macomb run. There are several here from Roanoke that do it in honor of Noah (I can't think of his last name). The Roanoke crew consists of WONDERFUL people, one being my sister-in-law.....Zac will have to look them up! Glad to hear Olivia's looking good!
Jen Weber

Hotz' said...

I REALLY wanted to participate in the run this year...I'm not a runner (ha!) but to at least try...we have a friend who IS a big-time runner and she is going to take part in the run from Macomb....anywho....we donated to her and the Nwmn's....but we would love to give a little something to Zac as well. Anyone who can run (and not be chased haha) for more then a block without feeling like they are going to pass out (hahaha) and it's for a GREAT cause is awesome in my book. I will put a post on my blog as try and raise some moola...xoxo -Heather

Anonymous said...

Count us in and send on an envelope :) Mike and I always do what we can for St Judes -- what a wonderful organization!

Mike and Linda Schulthes

Anonymous said...

Please send us an envelope. We are happy to hear that Olivia is doing better. Good luck to Zac in the run.

the Turnquists