Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, Olivia seems to be in full recovery mode from her little spell on Monday. She's been up and playing a lot of the day. Grandma called and said to bring in more toys! We are seriously going to need to get a bigger room or at least some sort of shelving unit in her hospital room. We keep taking in/bringing home toys in shifts so she gets a variety. No real big changes today. They are trying to start her on her oral blood pressure medicine for about the 3rd or 4th time. It seems as though it gets stopped quite often when she is having her blood pressure issues. Maybe this time she'll behave and we can get that milrinone off and get her arterial line out! It would be even nicer to get rid of that high flow oxygen and let the poor girl eat!


Anonymous said...

xuxeGOOD NEWS:) I had to change my prayer request to "Thank you God for guiding the docs in healing Olivia," to......"What's the deal? Let's get her patched back together!" :) I am so happy to hear that she is back on the mend and will add yet another prayer petition that she CONTINUES IMPROVING WITH ZERO BACKSLIDES.

Hope you are able to get away with family this weekend........I am sure a few days away will help.

Mike and Linda