Wednesday, July 2, 2008

She's back to smiling again.

Olivia is doing great this morning. Basically no changes whatsoever. I haven't heard of any plans for the day. I think she is ready for some changes since her numbers have been so great, but maybe she just needs an extra day?!?
Anyway, she has been smiling away like crazy and is ready to play! She looks great, too. They increased her diuretic yesterday, so she is a whole lot less puffy. She also hasn't been too stressed out in a while, so she is nice and pink and not so purple and blotchy! Otherwise, all is well here!
I'll be going home tonight for a sleepover and Jack's last ballgame. That will be it for going home for a while for the kids and I, but we have lots of fun events coming up to keep us going.


Anonymous said...

Good job Olivia!! Hurry up and get out of isolation so Elmo can come visit you. He has some special tricks for you! Love, Kay

Ardell Thompson said...

What wonderful news with the holiday weekend coming up. Enjoy your sleepover time. Prayers continue.