Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dancing fool

I so wish I knew how to get a video to post on here. Every time I try, it never works. Olivia is doing awesome. She usually just has one foot or both feet straight up in the air. Now she has her hips into it. She sticks both legs straight up and starts rolling back and forth on her hips. It's the cutest darn thing you've ever seen. She is officially off of the epinephrine drip and hopefully they can start her on some feeds in her tummy today. They have also been able to make some vent changes, as well. Her latest C-Diff culture came back negative, so we are hoping to be able to get out of isolation soon. They are just checking on the protocol for that.
We have a big weekend planned, but we aren't telling Olivia about it. We are heading up to the indoor waterpark in Utica for an overnight stay. We invited our niece and nephew so the kids will have more fun than if it were just plain old Mom and Dad! We are leaving this morning and going hiking first at Matthisson State Park. Then off to the hotel. Should be fun - I'll take lots of pictures. So, please pray for Olivia while we are gone - that she behaves herself. And for us - that we will be able to enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about Olivia. The Grandma's are taking turns with her, so she should have lots of attention! Have a great weekend!


Judy said...

I hope you guys are having fun this weekend!! We'll be praying that Olivia behaves while you're gone.
I'm not very tech savy about all this computer stuff so this is the only advice I have to give about posting a video. I take short little videos with my digital camera. I always make sure they're 30 seconds or less. I have never been successful uploading anything longer than that into blogger. The shorter the clip, the easier it is to load (at least with my computer). I also add a post, just like I would with adding pictures, but then I click on the video upload icon (right next to the picture loading icon). I don't know if any of that helps, but I just thought I would mention it just in case.

Anonymous said...

Julie, Hope you have a great weekend. been Trying to send comments, but old computer won't do it. Hope this goes through, I have a new computer!! I have been keeping up with Olivias progress for months, Been wanting to get to Jacks ballgames, guess we missed all of them, sorry. we will try to catch something else. May Angles sing and Dance around Olivia!! Aunt Karen & Uncle Bob

Donna V said...

Julie I know you have not heard from me but I have been checking through your great Chatt Pack. I will wait to see it in book form. Your daily entries will make a great book for those who are trying to get through the day with a angel of their own. Think about it. Tell Olivia her DT Donna is thinking about her and praying.

Thistle Creek Photography said...

Glad to here Olivia feels good enough to dance around!

Hope you had a good time this weekend, and came back to find all is still well!