Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More pictures and a quick update

Thought I would post the few pictures of the big kids from the weekend. Like I said, I didn't take very many - just a couple at the City Museum and that's it! What a failure?!? Anyway...

This picture of Brooklyn isn't really that great, but it kind of gives a little bit of an idea of what the museum is like. There is tons and tons of metal bridges, tunnels, caves, etc... It's like a giant metal maze.

These were two really deep cement craters that the kids (and Zac) were trying to get up.
Talk about a ballpit!
They even had this tightrope that the kids could maneuver across without falling in the water.
Anyway, we really do recommend the museum. The kids loved it.
Olivia had a really good night last night. She recovered with absolutely no problems from her surgery yesterday. It was so cute today - Olivia's nurse tracked down a mat to put on the floor so Olivia could move around a bit more. She didn't know quite what to do with herself at first.
Then she decided to give it a go and try to crawl. Nurse P is in the background there laying down right on the floor with Olivia cheering her on! She is being taken care of by the absolute best people you can imagine! It didn't take long for her to remember how to do her army crawling! But, it didn't take her too long before she tuckered out, either. She might need to work on that whole energy thing. Good thing those pillows were there so she could take a little breather!


Judy said...

Pictures, Pictures Yay!! That museum looks like a lot of fun. Your kids seem like a great age for it. I hope that you're feeling a bit better today!
The pictures of Olivia have been so great to see. She looks fantastic. The crawling ones are great! Hopefully there will be some pictures from home soon. So tomorrow is the swallow test? I'll be praying that it goes well. What an answer to prayer that her little surgery went well. I can hardly believe how easily she came off the ventilator! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Go Olivia!!!! Love the pictures!