Thursday, July 24, 2008

Word on the street...

So I heard rumors today that Olivia might actually get out of the hospital on Monday. Now we know that this means absolutely nothing until we sign on the dotted line on those discharge papers, but it is an entertaining thought!
She is eating an acceptable amount for her age (more than she ever did at home, actually) and having absolutely no difficulties with that at all. All of her medications are oral. The line in her mediport is capped off (just there in case they want to draw any labs). Her oxygen is at 1 liter which is less than what we were admitted on. So, what are we still doing there? You got me on that one. The lucky thing is, I have awesome patience and big plans for the weekend, so we really aren't quite ready for her yet. This has come up on us rather quickly. Zac's in a wedding this weekend and then I'm hoping to head to Macomb and get the house in order for our big return. I need to disinfect the entire house and make it feel like home again. I need to find Olivia's crib, too. Last I checked, it looked like someone was using it as a closet. Zac hasn't had the air on yet this summer, so it might be a good idea to make sure that's going to work, as well.
Olivia, I know I said we're ready when you are, and we are. We'll make it work, but if you do have to wait until least you can come home to a clean house!


pastor_burdick said...

I certainly understand your mixed feelings about going home. I alwys wanted to go home but could I do it and what was IT, the hospital life becomes the norm and somewhat comfortable. You will be fine. WOW! I'll pray that Olivia stays healthy.

Hotz' said...

Go Livy Go!

Anonymous said...

This is so great! Just take one thing at a time, Julie. Only do what you have to do and the rest will fall into line. From everything I've read on here, you've got a wonderful support network to welcome you home, too, and my bet is that there will be plenty of people offering to pitch in - - let them! And enjoy that baby!! :)


Anonymous said...

I think that everyone at the hospital has gotton so attached to Miss Olivia and fallen so much in love with her that we just can't fathom the idea of not seeing her beautiful, smiling face everyday. That is the real reason she has to stay a little longer :) Just kidding; she is doing so wonderful and I hope she meets "her goal"
Tara Osman

Anonymous said...

Yeah Olivia!!!! Glad to hear the good,cleaning,and parenting will be a breeze after the past months:)
Mike and Linda