Monday, July 7, 2008

What a weekend!

We had a great weekend - all of us. We started on Saturday and took Jack, Brooklyn, Emmy and Tyler to Matthissen State Park. It's right next to Starved Rock, but a lot smaller and more kid friendly. We accidentally ended up hiking a little over 3 miles and the kids did great! Here are a few pictures:

Jack, Emmy, Tyler, and Brooklyn at the beginning of the hike (still smiling)...

Jack and Emmy decided to wade in the water in search of a turtle they heard was in there.

It didn't go as well as planned - Emmy fell in up to her neck!

The two little ones handled thing beautifully...

Except when things got a little tricky - we had to call in Daddy/Uncle Zac.

Midway done and still smiling!
I didn't get a picture at the end, but needless to say, they were ready for the hotel! Brooklyn was literally crawling up the stairs at the head of the trail!
Then we skipped on over to the Grand Bear Lodge in Utica. The kids had a blast with swimming, miniature golfing, playing in the arcade, and eating! With the 4 kids being ages 6, 5, and two 4-year olds, it went surprisingly well. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Zac and I enjoyed the hiking the best and could have skipped the waterpark, but I don't think the kids would have gone for that. I didn't take many pictures, just because there was no time.

This was the snack table. We laid out everything and the kids went to town - Jack claims this was his favorite part. How sad is that?

The kids wanted to go back to the waterpark Saturday night, but Zac and I were too tired. up the whirlpool tub and we can have just as much fun!

I also added pictures of Jack's last ballgame to a previous post, so be sure to check those out. He's quite the all-star!

Olivia behaved all weekend. She is looking so awesome. Her blood pressures have been incredibly stable, her heart rate is down, her oxygen saturations have been great, and her vent settings are way down. They are even talking about extubating her tomorrow. She was able to get rid of her catheter and the central line in her neck on Saturday. She has definitely made herself at home and is resting comfortably in her bed!
She is sound asleep in the picture just hanging out of her bed. The doctors came in and made rounds and thought it was great that she had made herself so comfy! Can't wait to get that tube out so she can roll around a bit more!


Ellen Davis said...

Further proof that you two are saints...did I read correctly that you had two four-year-olds, a five-year-old, and a six-year-old on an overnight trip? I'm still in awe over how you do it...

Hotz' said...

LOL sounds like a fun weekend. I haven't been over to that state park in eons...our senior class trip was there....have you ever ventured over to Buffalo State Park? All three parks are in the same proximity..they have an actual live Buffalo (or two) at the BSP....I feel rather sorry for it b/c the area it has to roam is rather small...

Anywho - off topic again...glad you guys had such a great time!

Judy said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm impressed that you all survived a three mile hike with four kids!! I'm glad you were able to have a little family time and I'm sure the grandmas didn't mind taking care of Olivia one bit!