Friday, July 18, 2008

Watch out! I'm feelin' good!

If it's even possible, Olivia is doing 50 times better today than she was even yesterday. She was able to get rid of all of her drips, her catheter is out, she's trying to get rid of that high flow oxygen, and she's feeling awesome! She still needs an IV for her intermittent medications, but there has been talk of getting rid of her arterial line and central line and putting in a PICC line (long term IV access). Then she would be able to have use of both arms instead of just her left one. She had physical therapy today and literally flipped over on to her belly and started crawling off the bed! Luckily, Mr. Physical Therapist was there to grab her! Once she realized that, she was grabbing the top of her crib railing and considering pulling herself up. She didn't even do that at home. It's amazing how she has gotten so strong while just laying in a bed for almost 11 weeks. Maybe she will realize she has legs for a reason and actually try to walk someday! Anyway, she's is doing awesome and looks awesome and feels awesome and all that good stuff. Hopefully she cooperates with all these little changes they have made today!


Judy said...

I can just picture her trying to crawl off her bed!! Oh how we love hearing good news!! I can hear your excitement through your words!! Maybe you will get home sometime this summer :)

Anonymous said...

What blessings! Hope you got our gift via email so we can help add to the new toy collection - maybe something to keep enticing her movement. Such wonderful news! :)


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear Olivia is doing SO well today! We'll pray that she stays feeling well!
Jen Weber

Anonymous said...

AWESOME OLIVIA! Keep crawling....just not off of the bed onto the floor please! Hope you keep feeling soooo great!
Love, Laura Schmidt