Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Sorry about the short, non-informative, lazy post earlier today. I was in desperate need of a little nap, so it had to be short and sweet.
Anyway, Olivia had a great afternoon. They turned off her paralytic so she was able to move a lot. This was the most awake we've seen her since being re-vented on Saturday. She was happy and kicking those legs all over the place which was so nice to see. Besides her blood pressures, her numbers all stayed good and she was tolerating things like a champ!


Anonymous said...

No need to apologize...you certainly deserve a nap and some down time.....You are so kind to keep us all updated with Olivia, don't ever feel sorry for not updating a lot. Remember, those prayers are still coming your way with or without updates!!!!
Thinking about you and praying for you always,
Jen Weber