Sunday, July 27, 2008

Still a go!

Sounds like things are still a go for tomorrow. Olivia has had an awesome weekend. She seems to be eating and sleeping so well. We had a busy weekend. Zac was in a friend's wedding this weekend in Galesburg, so we did the rehearsal on Friday night, Zac ran the Bix on Saturday, I got the kids to Galesburg, attended the wedding, spent the night at the hotel, and now we are back in Dunlap/Peoria preparing for the homecoming of Olivia! Zac is taking an enormous load of stuff back to Macomb tonight (mostly toys). Jack wondered what we were going to do if Olivia didn't come home tomorrow. Just unpack it all again, I guess! Anyway, I skipped the trip back to Macomb to clean the house. I'm "in training" at the hospital to learn how to draw from Olivia's mediport, so I need to be around to practice. I'm going to make a huge trip to the store to get the necessities for the trip home. It's like bringing home a newborn! Hopefully the next post will be from Macomb! Until then....


Anonymous said...

We are hoping you were able to get home today! Our prayers are with you as you learn everything you need to know to take care of your little Olivia when you get her home! Happy Homecoming!
Jen Weber