Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drip, drip, drip...

Olivia continues to do awesome. She is off all of her sedation drips and is just getting sedation medication through her feeding tube now! They have also gotten her to a good place on her blood thinner, so they were able to take that drip away, too. As of now, she only has to get rid of her milrinone (heart/blood pressure med) and her calcium drips, and she will be drip-free! I imagine they will keep her two lines in for a while this time "just in case." She was feeling a little left out, so the nurses found her a pediatric hospital gown in yellow, so she could match our isolation gowns. (Yes, she has finally put some clothes on, K~just a shirt, but it's a start;)
Anyway, the high flow is being weaned a little bit, as tolerated. When I left this afternoon, she was still at her 10 liters, but at 90% instead of 100%. Woohoo! It's getting really hard not to just pick her up and give her some big squeezes, but until she gets that arterial line out, I'm afraid we are out of luck! Good thing God granted us with outstanding patience!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad someone found the poor child some clothes ;-)

Can't wait to hear that you get to give that long awaited squeeze!