Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another stable night

First of all, I guess I wasn't allowing you all to post! How rude. You should be able to now. (Thanks Judy!)
Okay, now on to more important things! Olivia had a stable night. The only change over the night was that they increased her vent settings a bit. Her body isn't oxygenating as well as they would like, so this will help. The epinephrine is officially off and she tolerated that well. They increased her milrinone to improve heart function and her heart rate is already improving. No one seems very concerned with the low heart rate as long as her blood pressure stays up. As Nurse Kris kept saying yesterday - with Olivia "we can't have it all!"

This is Olivia's ventilator that is doing all the breathing for her. The machine in the back is her Nitric Oxide. This is going through her vent to help stint open her lungs. She has had this before. It helps with her pulmonary hypertension.

She continues to be sedated and paralyzed. She is just too feisty to do anything otherwise at this point. Her temperature has also stayed down for about 24 hours now.

This is a view of all of her medications. There are also 2 more "pumps" on her bed for blood transfusions and antibiotics. This is the same amount, if not more, than what we've had after heart surgeries.

Olivia is so peaceful and comfortable right now. She looks so much better than on Friday and is getting some much needed rest.

I haven't had time to mention it before, but there is a family around the corner from our church. The mom and 1-year old son were is a car accident on last Tuesday (when the weather was nasty). The little boy is/was in critical condition. He was able to get off the ventilator yesterday and they were going to be removing a catheter from his head that was relieving pressure from the brain. He is stable now and tolerating being off the vent. He needs some prayers right now, too. I know the family would really appreciate it. We'd rather not be where we are now, but it is nice to see familiar faces and know that there are people to connect with.

Thanks so much!


Amy said...

We are still praying! And it sounds like good new so far! Your little girl is such a fighter - you really seem to have fiesty and precious all rolled into one!!

Judy said...

It sounds like you guys are getting a real medical education! It's impressive that you're able to keep all the medical lingo straight!!! I'm glad you took some pictures of all the medical equipment, it's rather unbelievable. Thank goodness for great medical technology! Still praying for Olivia!

Anonymous said...

Julie, We can't stop thinking and praying for you guys. Little Olivia is so strong and her mommy and daddy are remarkable. I hope you know how much love is being sent your way! We check your blog daily and love to hear about your beautiful family!