Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We're back!

Wonderful trip. Relaxing weekend. Beautiful wedding.
Seeing Zac and the kids, a little sunshine, and a surprise visit from my cousin was just what I needed!
Olivia is doing awesome. They did a lot while I was gone, which I thought would make me crazy. It worked out just fine. The only time I was ready to hop on a plane was on Saturday morning when the intensivist called my cel. phone. My mom always calls with updates, but this time it was the doc. My stomach dropped. But, as it turns out, there were just so many changes that mom couldn't write them all down to relay them to me, so he just called himself. That was actually nice. Once I was able to breathe again from the initial scare, I could ask him all the questions I had and find out all the details. We were in contact most of the weekend.
Anyway, she is down to 7 pumps, off the paralytic, down on her sedation, down on her oxygen rates, and lots of other things. She is very awake, but doesn't seem to uncomfortable.
Like I said, there are tons of new things going on and obviously lots of details from the weekend. I slept in this morning (still on that FL time!) and I want to get back in to see her. I'm hoping to post details this afternoon - this is just a little update so you know she's doing great!!


Heather Hotz said...

YAY! That's great to hear! Can't wait for the post that says she is coming home! ;)

Kristen & Jason said...

How is 5:44am sleeping in? What time do you normally get up?

I'm glad you had a great trip & Olivia's making progress.