Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We're heading in the right direction!

Olivia is doing wonderful! They have started weaning down the Nitric Oxide. They are hoping to get it cut in half by morning and then we can go from there. She is very awake, but comfortable. She sucks away on her vent tube which is kind of cute to see. She does look like she got in a fight with one of the doctors, but it's really just from tape and laying on her cheek. She has a nice shiner on one eye and a bunch of red sores from removing tape (and skin) from her precious little face! Otherwise, there were no big changes today. The baby steps we are making are the ones that will get us where we need to be!
By the way, I love how everyone thinks I get up during the wee hours of the morning. It makes me sound so ambitious. I usually try to get to the hospital around 7:30 or 8:00. This blog just makes up its own time! Just wanted to clarify - I've had several comments on the times that I post in the last week or so;)


Judy said...

I just looked back at your previous posts and it looks like Olivia has had more than seven (a whole week) positive straight days!! Yipee! I'm so glad she behaved while you were in FL!! I'm sure that was very stressful being away from her. If she continues with this steady pace she'll be heading home in no time!
I can't wait to see some pictures of Disney and the wedding. I'm sure Jack and Brooklyn looked adorable in their wedding attire!

Kristen & Jason said...

Thanks for the clarification on your sleeping habits. I was starting to wonder about you.

Looking forward to seeing trip photos soon & yay Olivia! Keep up the steady progress!


Judy said...

I've been meaning to mention this to you: You might have your blog set for the wrong time zone. To check it out, log into your account. Go to SETTINGS, FORMATTING and then you'll see a spot where you can pick your time zone. I had mine set to the wrong timezone for awhile. That might be the issue you're having with the time stamp or the blog just might be doing crazy stuff. Who knows!