Thursday, March 20, 2008


Olivia got rid of a machine today! They were able to get her nitric oxide completely off and the machine is officially out of the room! This is awesome. She's still doing great. The next goal is to get the ventilator settings down. Once the settings are low enough, they will do some CPAP trials. Last time Olivia was on a vent and they tried this, she didn't like it so much and they ended up just pulling the tube on out. She's bigger now, so we'll see what happens.
They have also scheduled the bone marrow biopsy for Monday. I was hoping it would be tomorrow, but that's okay. I was actually hoping they would opt not to do it at all since her platelets were up so much, but they've been working their way back down, so I guess it's better to find out now then have to come back at a later date and do it anyway. So, great progress for Olivia.
Brooklyn had an appt. at the dentist yesterday. She was supposed to be getting a tooth fixed that she has chipped from grinding her teeth so badly. However, one of her molars has been bothering her, so I asked if they could address that one instead. Little did I know that this tooth was "so sick" that they had to do the whole shot, drill, fill with medicine, and put this putty stuff on top. We go back in 2 weeks to have a crown put on it. A crown for a 3 year old? I'm going to have to convince her it's just a small princess crown for her tooth. Why not just pull it, you ask? Because that would be too easy. No, I actually talked to another dentist and got a 2nd opinion. He agreed and gave me the whole medical reasoning behind it, so I suppose we'll go with it. It's a little late now anyway, since they drilled away half of her tooth. So they put her on amoxycillin to prevent infection. She woke up this morning with a fever and has had it off and on all day. Is it from the trauma of the dental work? Is it the amoxycillin? Who knows. We'll just keep pushing the Tylenol tonight and consult a doctor of some sort tomorrow.


Judy said...

I never really thought kids needed dentists but Christian has already proved us wrong on that one. We had to learn that the hard way since we only had dental insurance on Ryan and I. Oh well.
I'm sorry to hear that Brooklyn is having issues. I hope the whole thing isn't too traumatic for her! You must feel like you head from one doctor's appt. to the next! Bless your heart!