Monday, March 24, 2008

Slowly but surely wins the race?

We are still making slllllooooowwww progress. The intensivist today did say he would like to extubate by the end of the week. He just wants to take things slow. No kidding. We did make two vent changes today. Maybe we'll even get to make another one tomorrow. (Oh, any PICU nurses that keep up to date on here, don't mention my sarcasm to Dr. D. He may try to slow things down even more ;)

Our excitement for the day - we are off isolation. No more yellow masks and gowns! Yippee. Also, they have elected NOT to do the bone marrow aspiration during this admission. Her counts are still up and staying that way, so there is no reason to do it now. If her blood counts are still up in a few months, she is probably out of the woods. If they drop, they will plan to do the biopsy as an outpatient procedure then.

Here are the pictures from the indoor easter egg hunt yesterday. That just doesn't seem right, does it?:



Emmy, Tyler, & Aunt Carrie

This is when my camera ran out of batteries. Sorry I didn't get any more pictures.


Judy said...

It's exciting to hear that things for Olivia are looking up! Wouldn't it be great if the bone marrow biopsy isn't necessary!! We'll just pray that she won't need it at all!

Love the pictures of the indoor Easter Egg hunt. We've had a few of those around here, not because the weather's been bad but just because the kids seem to want to daily hide eggs and I'm not taking McKenna outside in this cold!!