Sunday, March 2, 2008

A quick, lazy update

For those of you who check CaringBridge and this blog, I am doing a quick "copy and paste." I usually try to mix things up a little bit, but it's been too long of a day today. I'll try to do better tomorrow! Have a good night.

A quick update - Olivia had a pretty bad day today BUT it's ended well. It's all a guessing game trying to figure the right mix for her. We lost 1 medication and gained 3 or 4. We increased 2 settings on the ventilator. Her labs were up and down all day. In the end, Olivia's cardiac surgeon stopped by to check things out. Right now we are a medical case, so he hasn't "officially" assessed her. After scratching his head for a while he did a little research on her past surgeries. It turns out we had forgotten that he put a tiny hole in her heart as a "pop-off valve" to relieve pressure when her heart is on overload. It's very complicated, but it has been causing all of the random things we haven't been able to figure out. She is still very, very sick, but this is a huge tidbit of information to at least answer some questions regarding her oxygen saturations. Keep up the good work on those prayers!!!


michelle said...

Hi Julie, just a quick note to let you know I just found out how things are going. Olivia and the family will be in my thoughts and prayers, as well as all her care givers.

God Bless

Michelle Olson

Ellen Davis said...

Oh, Julie...we are thinking of you all and sending prayers from out East. Thanks so much for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Julie and Zac, I enjoy reading your blog and all the updates of the kids. I'm so sorry to hear that Olivia is sick, I will definitley keep her and your whole family in my thoughts and prayers. Much love, Emily Renfroe

Anonymous said...

HI Julie- My name is Wendy and I am Kristin Beech's cousin from Baltimore. Just wanted to say that I am praying for your precious little girl. May God give you the strength you need.

Anonymous said...

Dear Julie and Family,
I have been wanting to leave you a note for so long now. I am not that good with saying the "right" things, so bear with me. (I worked with your mom at DGS for years and your Jack and my Jack share the same birthday. ) I have been continually praying for you every day and please know that a day doesn't go by that I don't think about you and your lovely family. Your mom and your family have always been an inspiration to me, as you all have such strong faith and family values. I have always thought that when my kids grow up, I hope that I can have what you all have together.
I have followed your caring bridge site from day one and I am always amazed at your strength and courage throughout your trials. Your positive attitude is contagious and you are such a wonderful mother( and dad, too Zac)....I will continue to pray for you and little Olivia and all who care for her, you, aunts, uncles, grandparents, doctors, nurses, etc. May God Bless you all today and everyday.
With much love and many prayers,
Jen Weber