Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

What a strange day. It snowed off and on for most of the day, but the Easter Bunny was still able to make it to Grandpa and Grandma's house. He did have to hide his eggs inside though since it just didn't seem right to hunt for eggs in snow pants! Anyway, the kids had a good day celebrating with family.
Olivia is still doing wonderful. It's getting to that frustrating point where we are making such little changes. I feel like she is ready to get off the vent, but no one wants to push her. That's fine. We understand that she likes to take things slow, but come on already! The rumors are that it should be within the next couple of days.
The bone marrow biopsy is still scheduled for tomorrow, but the intensivists don't think Olivia needs to have it done right now and subject her to something else. On one hand, we agree that we don't want her to be subjected to a possible setback, but we don't want to come back and have to have it done at a later date either. We'll see which set of doctors wins out on this one. It will be our entertainment for tomorrow to see who wins!
Anyway, I'll have to post Easter pictures tomorrow. I lost my camera somewhere in the house today.