Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Feisty thing.

Olivia is doing really well today. Again they made some changes on the ventilator and added a couple of medications. We also lost a couple of medications. She was working hard breathing this morning, but it turns out she has another fever. Gee, what's new? Anyway, it was causing her heart rate to go up, and all that good stuff. Now that her fever is under control, she's doing great. Her numbers are all looking good.
I'd say the best news is that her platelets are up to 32 today from 18 yesterday and they did NOT give her the platelets last night. They decided against it, so this is all her bone marrow doing the work. I haven't talked to the hematologist yet today, so I'm anxious to hear his thoughts.
They also turned her over to her belly. She looks much more comfy, but she keeps trying to lift her head and turn it the other direction! What a feisty little girl. She is getting stronger and starting to feel better. We'll see what the rest of the day brings! Keep praying! God is Good!


Judy said...

Hearing you say that Olivia is doing "really well" is so encouraging! We'll keep praying for all of you! Thanks for all the updates. You guys are definitely in our thoughts and we check the blog frequently.

Kristen & Jason said...

So happy to hear that Olivia is holding her own. And what wonderful news that her bone marrow is doing its job!

By the way, how bad is our emergency response system if you can see the hospital from your house & yet Zac beats the ambulance home?

We think of you often. Thanks for keeping the updates coming.


Amy said...

Yay that her fever is down! I'm glad that she seems to be more comfortable. You must rest easier when she is resting easier! I'm addicted to your blog, so please keep the updates coming! Your baby girl is so sweet, and we are praying!!

Judy said...

Make sure you check our blog today. There's a surprise for Olivia!!

Anonymous said...

Your children are so beautiful. I'm addicted to your blog!(along with many others). Your in our thoughts and prayers.~Heather(Amy's siter-in-law)