Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ask and you shall receive...

You guys don't mess around. All those Sunday prayers have worked today. Olivia's had a great day. There weren't any changes for the most part. They discontinued her feeds last night, so they started her on TPN which is a nutritional supplement that goes directly through the IV. They also gave her a little volume (albumin) when she started slacking off on her peeing. They aren't messing around with her. One little beep and they are on it! We'll like when she isn't at that point, but for now it's just fine. The Florida group is doing great - trying to pack lots in in just a few days. Tomorrow is the last day at Disney and they will head to Ocala on Tuesday to get into wedding mode.


Judy said...

Thrilled to hear that Olivia is doing a little better and that everything has stablized a little. We certainly didn't like reading about all her issues in the last post!
Glad to hear the kiddos are having a grand time in Florida!!
Love, Ryan, Judy, Christian & McKenna