Friday, March 28, 2008

Promised pictures...

Here are the pictures I promised! Olivia is looking great since getting off the ventilator. She defintely remembers her mouthpiece (pacifier)!

I got to hold her the other day, but it was actually kind of uncomfortable for both of us. She still had the lines in her legs and I was so nervous something would come out. As much as I love holding her and wanted to hold her, I've never been comfortable with it when she has lines in her major arteries. Call me crazy, but it just makes me too nervous. I'd hate to spring a leak or something. Anyway, they pulled both the lines and her catheter out today, so she is free for the taking! Grandma's been holding her this afternoon, while I take a break. Of course, after they pulled the lines, she fell asleep so I haven't gotten to throw her around yet!
Zac will be so excited to see her tonight. He hasn't been able to make it over since Tuesday night. She's made huge improvements since then. All of her medications have been switched to oral. She still has her PICC IV line "just in case" but otherwise we just need to work on the oxygen and get this girl eatin'! She has been very happy and smiling with less and less prompting. She also was giving out "hi-fives" this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

You are a truly amazing little girl, Olivia! I'm sure mom and Grandma (and dad too) are so excited to hold you! Keep up the good work! We're thinking about you and praying for you to get home soon!
With love and prayers,
Jen Weber

Amy said...

Yay and Hallelujah!!! It is so great to not only see pictures of your beautiful, sweet girl, but to know that she is almost completely out of the woods!! Praise God. She is such an amazing little girl and even though I've never even met her, I am so blessed by her!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, we are so excited to see Olivia's beautiful smile. What a cutie! We have been praying for all of you daily. Olivia is truly a strong girl. It comes to her naturally from her mommy. (and grandma, too!)All our love,
M.B. and family