Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wedding pics/Olivia

Brooklyn getting her hair done for the big day!
The two ringbearers before the monkey suits!
The twirl.
My handsome big guy.

Pretty as a Princess.
Waiting for the party to start.
Watching the first dance. Taking a rest before more pictures.

Showing daddy her beautiful engraved bracelet from Uncle Ty & Aunt Jenn.
Uncle Ty (the groom). Just a bit nervous before the ceremony.
All the pictures I have of the bride and groom are vertical pics. Since I'm not on my home computer, I didn't know how to flip them. I'll try to post those later (sorry Jenn!)

Olivia is doing great once again. They were able to get her nitric oxide down to 20, so now they are going to try to get her down to 1 by tomorrow morning. Then they can start working on weaning down the vent settings to get us to that ultimate goal. Otherwise, all is well and I am dedicating this post to pics from the wedding.


Judy said...

I love love love the picture of Jack with his little bow tie on! He's got such beautiful eyes. Brooklyn looks so cute with her hair all curled. Her dress is gorgeous too! I'm sure she loved being a princess for a day.