Saturday, March 29, 2008

Minor setback

Well, Olivia was doing too well for her own good! She decided to act up this morning. About 5:00, her breathing became more labored and faster. Then by about 7:00, her oxygen sats were in the 70's. She had been running in the mid-90's. Anyway, some think it was too many changes in a short amount of time. Or it could be due to a change in medication. Or it could be related to yet another infection. Her white count it up and she is running a fever. They ended up turning her up to 10 litersof 100% oxygen. This gradually improved her oxygen saturations. By this afternoon, she is doing great. Her breathing has slowed down tremendously. She got a really good bath, her hair washed, and is looking much, much better. So, just a minor setback. They will most likely do nothing today and we'll start over tomorrow! Luckily, we have what we consider one of the best, most knowledgable nurses up there today and tomorrow and she was able to get Olivia back up to par!


Judy said...

Motherhood in general requires a lot of patience, but Olivia certainly requires an extra measure! Thankfully it sounds like she's back on the right track. I'm glad to hear that she had such a great nurse working with her!! We're still praying!

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