Friday, June 6, 2008

Baby steps, people!

We've always said that in order to keep us happy up here in the PICU, we just need something - anything - done each day. It could be a fluctuation in medication, remove a line, make vent changes, give her a bath, etc... Any change at all keeps me sane for the day. It's the days that absolutely nothing gets done that makes me crazy. Olivia likes to take itty bitty baby steps during her recoveries, so we can accept the small changes. So, the fact that last night she went from 50% to 45% on her oxygen on the vent is great! We'll take it!
Otherwise, the plan for today is to flip her over to her back for a while and see what she thinks of that. If she is good today, they may try to wean down her nitric oxide.
Jack and Brooklyn are very excited about today - Kung Fu Panda opens. So, we are heading to the movies this afternoon. It got good reviews, so we are anxious to see it! We'll have to give our review after we see it and let you know what we thought!