Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CPAP trials and tribulations

Well, Olivia has been tolerating all of her new goals just great! She had two CPAP trials yesterday - the first for an hour and the second for 2 hours. They monitor how well she is doing with these by checking her blood gases. They were not great, but basically unchanged between being completely on the vent and on CPAP. She completed a two hour CPAP trial this morning and is on another trial right now and seems to be doing fine. She will have another CPAP trial tonight and if everyone is happy with her gases and how she handled them, she may be extubated as early as tomorrow! Can you believe that! She is doing so well. These are huge steps for Olivia, but she's handling it all like the pro that she is!


pastor_burdick said...

Great News! We will pray for an excellent day tomorrow. Stay strong in the Lord. Kathy