Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

We loved the movie yesterday. It was a really good one. It had a good message, was funny, was action-packed (Brooklyn did get a little scared), and very tasteful. They did say "stupid" about 5 minutes into the movie, and Brooklyn was sure to point out very loudly that "they just said the really bad 's' word."
Olivia has had a really good night, again. They were able to wean down her nitric oxide from 40 parts per million to 22 parts per million. She is still moving around quite a bit, which is nice to see. Her eyes are too puffy to open so it wil be very exciting to see her open them one of these days. Everyone says her lungs sound awesome, which is very rare for her. This is all great news! We will continue to take those itty bitty baby steps until we get to where we need to be!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Olivia is doing well...we continue to keep all of you in our prayers and think of her often! Glad to hear Kung Fu Panda was good my kids can't wait to see it! Hope today is a great one for all of you!
Kara- Dixon

Hotz' said...


Growing up in my house....the word "Sucker" was bad. For example...."you are such a sucker". (Stupid was a bad word also...) When I first told ryan that sucker was a bad word growing up - he was in disbelief. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
It's great to hear all has been going well the last few days. We were camping so I couldn't check on the Chatt Pack. It sure was nice to read about fun with Jack and Brooklyn and good nights and days for Olivia. Thank God for each little step. Kathy Burdick

Judy said...

I just love checking in everyday to hear more good news out Olivia! She just keeps doing a little better everyday. Thank God she hasn't had any major set backs. It's pretty incredible and a real testimony to the power of prayer when you think about what her little body has been through!