Friday, June 27, 2008

Wishing well

I actually got to hold Olivia last night. That was the first time in over 7 weeks. We both seemed to handle it just fine. We were totally breaking the rules since she still has her arterial line, central line, and pacer wires in, but they needed to change her bed linens and it was just as easy for me to sit down and hold her! Thanks so much, nurse Stephanie! You truly made my day! I am however, going to have to start lifting weights to get back into the mode of holding her. She's gotten heavy!
As for today, Olivia got to move rooms last night. It will be pretty nice to have a change of scenery. We have moved into the corner "suite." It's one of the bigger rooms up there and we are hoping a better view of the fireworks next week! I guess it pays to have at least a little seniority up there ;)
Her arterial line has still been having some bleeding issues here and there, so we've been wondering why they don't just pull it. The only reason she has it is to monitor her blood pressures. She really hasn't had any blood pressure issues in a long time, so it seems silly to have to keep torturing her by changing the dressing so often. Anyway, she spiked a bit of a fever Wednesday night, so they drew cultures on all of her lines. I secretly had hoped her arterial line would come back positive for infection so they would pull it. Wishes do come true! (Is that bad that I had hoped for my baby to have infection?) So, she is starting another antibiotic today and they are pulling the art line! Hooray for Olivia!
I wonder what I should wish for next?!?


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you guys everyday as I read your posts. But, today I can't help but cry some happy tears for you. I remember the first time I was able to hold Johnathan - it took a few nurses & was a little scary but, wow was it worth it! 7 weeks is way too long for both of you. We will be praying that it wont be long before it can be everyday. In the meantime have Zac bring in some dumbells for you :)

Love, Carol