Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Losing lines

Olivia is actually starting to get rid of some things. She pulled out her catheter yesterday and has been able to keep it out since she is peeing so well. They also decided to pull her central line from her right leg as opposed to replacing it. Since it showed signs of infection and she had another line in place, they thought it would be okay to get rid of it.
They have been trying new things with securing her vent tube to try to prevent the skin breakdown. We'll see how the latest works today. Otherwise, she is getting yet another round of platelets to keep her numbers up and is still working on getting her blood thinning medication to a happy place for her. All is well.


Thistle Creek Photography said...

Still keeping you in my prayers, its good to see Olivia is losing lines, I'll keep the wound and skin issues from the last post on top of my prayer list.

Judy said...

I just looked at your hit counter on your blog. Holy cow over 12,000 hits and you haven't had the counter on there that long! How encouraging to know that so many people love and care about your family!! Awesome. You'll have to check out my blog. I just added something new that tells you the location of where people log on from. It still doesn't tell you who is loggin on, but it's fun to know where they're from.
I hope today is another great day for Olivia and I hope Jack and Brooklyn are having a fun summer. I'll bet they miss their sister!

Anonymous said...

Good work, Olivia! Sometimes the only way to get rid of those tiresome "lines" is to pull them out on your own!
Glad you got away for a few hours, Julie and hope Zac learns a lot in Bloomington:)
Mike and Linda

Anonymous said...

We are thinking about you today and glad to hear Olivia is headed in the right direction! We'll keep those prayers coming:)!!!!!
Jen Weber

pastor_burdick said...

You're still in our prayers. It's nice to hear Olivia is moving and capable of some of those things we often take for granted. After all that time,that is a wonderful blessing. Kathy