Friday, June 13, 2008


I forgot to post about the CT scan yesterday. Time flies when you're having fun, I guess. Anyway, they took her down about 4:00. It took a little over an hour and they were able to get her front side and back side (twice actually). She handled it like a pro. The radiologist is going to read it this morning and call up here and let the docs know of any significant info.
Otherwise, she had an okay night. She was pretty wiggly and wouldn't settle down. They gave her some blood and some albumin because her pressures were low. She spiked a temp this morning of 104.something. So, they drew cultures, gave her a cool washcloth rub-down, and turned on the fan. She was able to settle down right away and seems to be doing great now. We'll just wait and see what the CT showed and see what the rest of the day has to bring!


Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia,
We continue to check on you and pray for you every day! You have been so strong through all of this (and mom and dad too)! We'll keep those prayers going....for good results from all of your tests yesterday. Give Grandma T a big hug for me.
Thinking of you all,
Jen Weber