Saturday, June 21, 2008

Top 10

The Top Ten Signs You Have Spent Too Much Time In The Hospital:

10. You know the family members names, ages, history, etc. of pretty much the entire medical staff.

9. The doctor calls your cell phone while you're in the middle of Target to see if you want in on a free offer from an infomercial you watched earlier in the day (He's the sucker buying things from an infomercial, not me - I said no).

8. The nurses start inviting you on play dates with their kids and start buying you gifts for important events in you life.

7. Olivia's ID band is blank because all of the ink has rubbed off.

6. Medical staff in other departments start asking how your child is doing when you walk past.

5. You know the doorman/greeter on a first name basis.

4. The staff make hair bows for your child, bring in fresh picked strawberries for your other kids, plants for the grandma, and seeds for your other kids to plant.

3. Your child knows of her favorite respiratory therapist as "nana"

2. The nurses start gathering outside the room to take pictures and try to capture your child doing great things on film when you are not there.

1. Your parent ID band basically dissinigrates and falls off. Better yet, there is a tan line underneath.


Judy said...

It sounds like you are surrounded by a group of great people! What a blessing to have medical staff that truly cares about your family!

threekidchaos said...

I agree with Judy, sounds like Olivia's being cared for by the best.

You make an extended stay in the hospital sound not so bad. Not that we want to join you...


Mary said...

We were at OSF last weekend and I was about crazy by the time we got out. Can't imagine the length of time you're there.
I really wanted to come meet you but we were in isolation so didn't dare venture out! Certainly didn't want any of those germs getting anywhere near Olivia!
Hang in there!
Mary Genandt

Anonymous said...

oh Julie...YOU ROCK! nic

Ellen Davis said...

Wow, it sounds like a second family, almost! What a blessing that Olivia is being truly cared for.