Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Go Livvy! She is doing awesome. It's amazing to see the progress she has made in just the small amount of time that I was away. They were able to get her nitric oxide completely off today, another sedative is off, and her vent tube holder is changed out. She was given some platelets and is going to be getting the central line in her right leg changed out today sometime too.
It's so fun to see her playing with everything. The nurse gave her a large medicine syringe to play with and she was switching between her two hands. I know it seems so minor, but that was the best part of the day. I remember so well when her therapists at home were so excited when she could pass things back and forth. It was a huge developmental milestone and it's nice to know she hasn't lost too much as far as that goes. I think it's going to be the muscle tone that sets her back. Her legs should be great since she can kick those around, but having her arms restrained is going to set her back a little. Oh, and they also re-started feeds today.
Anyway, everyone is so pleased with how well she is doing. The big battle they are addressing today is her skin breakdown.
WARNING: This next part is pretty gross. There is literally a hole in the side of her face from where the vent tube holder was and the other side has a huge bruise that looks like it could turn into a sore. Also, everytime they have to change a dressing, it pulls a layer of skin off and she starts bleeding. So, they have called in a wound specialist that should be in this afternoon sometime.

All in all, Olivia is doing awesome. Jack and Brooklyn are doing great, too. Brooklyn has really been a happier child since she turned 4. Must be those ground rules I laid down for her. I loved seeing Jack's game last night. They have really improved since the first game of the season. He was able to hit twice and make it the whole way around without getting out and he got to play 2nd base. The three of us went out to eat for breakfast and just hung out around the house for the entire morning.


Anonymous said...

What great news! Keep up the good work Livvy!! Glad to hear you got a little home time to rejuvenate. Kay

Judy said...

It's so great to check in and continually hear good news!! It sounds to me like Olivia wants to go home!! I'm glad you got to have a little time at home yourself.

Anonymous said...

You go girl! :)
Julie, so glad you were able to head home for a bit!
We're thinking about you and praying every day!
Jen Weber