Monday, June 9, 2008

Wiggle Worm

Still trying to keep Olivia under control - she is moving around like crazy. First, her little foot starts going, then her leg up and down, then her head lifts up. She is getting so much stronger, so it seems like a good time to start moving ahead with things. She is still at 9 on her nitric oxide, so they need to get that down to zero. Some of her vent settings are relatively low, but there are also some numbers that are relatively high. Her tummy keeps getting bigger, and she has always had issues with constipation, so that's another thing the docs are addressing. The main issue at hand is trying to figure out why she isn't tolerating laying on her back. Nobody has been able to figure out a reason, and she obviously can't spend the rest of her life on her back, so we'll see what the consensus is on that. I said if they would simply stop doing the blood gases and turn off the monitors, they would have no idea whether or not she is tolerating it or not. They said no. Oh well, she'll get there!


Judy said...

I was thinking about you a lot today. Christian has pneuomia and I just spent the morning at the hospital with McKenna b/c she's had a fever since Friday and they can't figure out why. She had a chest x-ray, a lot of lab work, and a catheder to get a urine sample. All of it was terrible and she screamed her head off the entire time and of course I just felt like crying, but I didn't. I kept thinking about Olivia and what a tough little girl she is. She's gone through so much more than what we had to deal with this morning and she fights her way back to health every time. She is one tough cookie! I'm so proud of that little Chatterton!!! I'm sure she'll be healthy and happy again very soon.
I almost forgot, all those trials this morning resulted in the conclusion tha McKenna just has a virus. Yay! At least it's a thorough diagnois :)

the*4*of*us said...

I'm glad that she's wiggling around! I hope she starts to tolerate being turned over soon!!