Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CT Scan

Olivia's had a quite the morning. She had another blood transfusion overnight and is getting platelets right now. Because of her blood problems lately, Dr. Al from St. Jude's is coming up this afternoon to check her out again. Her 3 central lines have been bleeding quite a bit, so she got all those dressings changed and some new stiches put in. They ended up giving her an enema yesterday afternoon, so she's been poopin' like crazy. They decreased sedation again yesterday, so she has been wake a little more. Since she still isn't tolerating her back, they ordered a CT Scan for tomorrow. They'll do a scan with her on her back and on her front, so hopefully that shows something. Obviously, we don't want anything to be wrong, but it would be nice to know why she dislikes her back so much. She isn't going to be able to go to school on her belly after all, right? Otherwise, all seems to be going well.