Thursday, June 26, 2008


So, I decided to take the camera in and try to get some pictures of Olivia "vent free." She was pretty playful at the time, but still rather groggy. I whip out the camera, and low and behold - Cheese! She gave me the sweetest little smile you've ever seen. Enjoy! Oh, you'll need to ignore the crusty face. She needed a bit of a bath.

Now I can smile!
Now I can clap!
I can play with my daddy!
And I can suck on my paci, too!
As for the other kiddos, Jack spent his morning yesterday building card houses. He's going to try to keep them up until Zac can see them on Saturday. He was really proud. What a creative kid. He made 21 of them altogether. Let's hope for no earthquakes!

I had taken the pictures of the card houses so I could show Zac at the hospital. Brooklyn then insisted that I take a picture of her, so daddy could see that one, too. So, I thought I would throw it on here. She's been doing great since she turned 4. I think my guidelines have somewhat helped. Don't get me wrong, she has her moments, but they aren't near as frequent as they were when she was only 3.
The kids really are doing well even though their lives seemed to have turned upside down. Brooklyn did say that she misses our real house and yesterday while she and grandma were riding bikes, she said "I sure do miss that baby!" It has to be hard to go 7 1/2 weeks without seeing Olivia. She has gotten so big. Once she starts feeling a little better and is more awake, we may ask if we can break the rules and let the kids come see her. I think Olivia would love that just as much as Jack and Brooklyn. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Thank you God for answering our prayers. Olivia, you are such an inspiration to all. We love you! Grandma & Grandpa C.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to "see" that she is doing so well.
Still praying for continued healing!

Wendy Brennan from Baltimore

Judy said...

How fun to see some pictures of Olivia!! She is looking quite chubby considering everything she's been thru! I'm sure she can't wait to eat some real food, but it looks like her paci is keeping her satisfied right now.

So are the card houses still holding up?? It looks like Jack is finding lots of ways to entertain himself!

Anonymous said...

Darling photos! What a trooper she is! (and you all, too! )
I will pray for continued healing for Olivia and for Jack and Brooklyn so that they can hang in there through this all! Tell Jack that "my Jack" thought his card houses were cool!
Jen Weber

Anonymous said...

You weren't kidding. Olivia looks so much bigger! It's nice to see her smiling.

Ethan & Gavin were very impressed with the card houses. I hope they make it through the earthquake of daily living.