Monday, June 16, 2008

Crazy good.

Olivia is doing amazingly well today. They did an echo this morning to check out her heart function and the cardiologist was very, very pleased with how well everything is working. Her artificial valve is doing a great job and her tricuspid valve leak has slowed down a bit. They were able to keep off one of her sedation meds that they stopped yesterday and are going to try to discontinue the other today. She is still on intermittent IV sedation, but this would put her down to having only one sedation drip! She's never been able to do that while she has been on the vent, so this is huge! They are also trying to wean down her nitric oxide as tolerated (so maybe off if she decides to tolerate it!) She is going to get some more platelets this afternoon to pump her up a bit. They increased one of her antibiotics yesterday because her central line did come back positive for infection, hence the 104 fever the other day.
So, all is well here. If we can find our way, I'm taking the kids back to Macomb tonight. Jack has a baseball game and Zac is at a conference in Bloomington. So, he is staying at my parents house and the kids and I will stay in Macomb. It will be nice to be home for a night. I have absolutely no idea when I was home last. I think it was mid- to late May for Brooklyn's last day of preschool, but I'm not sure. Anyway, it should be nice. So, if you don't hear any updates until tomorrow afternoon, that's why! Have a great day!