Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bring on the yellow

Olivia had a topsy turvy day yesterday. In the morning, she was doing great. Afternoon-not so much. Evening - doing great again. The afternoon leg was due to a fever of 103.9. She was very restless, mottled, hot, cold, vomiting, breathing fast, etc... Once her temp started coming down, all was well again. The highlight of the day was the scale. They weighed her for the first time this admission. She was a whopping 26 pounds! That's a gain of 5 pounds since we've been here. Go Livvy - pack on the pounds!
As for today...sleepy. She was apparently up all night. So, she's sleeping all day. Rightfully so - she has another fever and tested positive for C-Diff.
Warning - Zac made me put this warning because he refuses to talk about baby poop, so if you are sensitive to the subject, refrain from reading the rest of this paragraph. C-Diff is a bacteria in her stools. It mainly grows in the large intestine and can be caused by being on antibiotics for an extended period of time. The antibiotic kills all the "good" bacteria and causes the C-Diff. So, they will start her on a different antibiotic to kill the C-Diff.
Anyway, the C-Diff can be held responsible for the fevers and the vomiting from yesterday. Or it could be from pulling the infected art line. Or it could be just because it's Olivia. Who knows. Regardless, it's put us into isolation - bring on the yellow! Anyway, she will probably sleep the day away, but the rest will do her good.


Anonymous said...

Isabelle lee and family prays for olivia every night. Scotts grandpa had c-diff and it drained him. We are glad to here she is gaining weight. Scott, Marlena, and Isabelle

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Sorry to hear about the yellow. It is a big bummer, being told your in a yellow zone. They really should change colors more often. Hopefully it wont last long. We will pray that the change of antibiotics works and Olivia is back to her healthy self soon. I miss seeing Brooklyn and all the rest of you guys in church. Kathy