Monday, June 2, 2008

Picture pages, picture pages

Here are the promised photos from Brooklyn's Beach Bash yesterday. I think we did a pretty good job of creating a beach scene in central Illinois. We had a little pool full of sand for the beach, inflatable beach balls, whales, dolphins, and fish all over the place, a pool full of fish for fishing, and a bounce house (every beach has a bounce house, right?)

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Can you believe Jack even lucked out and got a present.

Nice, huh? This has been an ongoing battle between Zac and some friends from Galesburg. Jack's always loved rain boots. Zac can't stand them. The friends get them for him almost every year just to make Zac crazy. It always works!

This is the concert I was entertained with this morning. Jack got Brooklyn all dressed in his clothes. She did vocals on the High School Musical microphone while Jack played the Hannah Montana guitar. Very entertaining. I see definite blackmail possibilities in the future with this photo!

And, so she doesn't feel left out, here is Olivia! This is pre-operation, but this is what people saw when they walked by her room. She would stick her legs straight up in the air and clap them together all the time. Even nurses that didn't know she had been admitted would know as soon as they walked by her room. It's like her little trademark. Can't wait to see it again!

Anyway, Olivia had a really good night and she's having a great morning so far, too. They increased her diuretic again since she is really puffy. The bleeding has pretty much stopped and the surgeon doesn't seem concerned with it. They are also adding a sedation patch today so they can start to see if they can wean some of her IV sedation. And, the biggest news- she pooped last night (first time since Wednesday). Go Livvy!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! So glad Olivia cooperated so big sis could enjoy her special day. Good job Livvy!!