Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Down, down, down we go!

Olivia had a great night and is having an excellent day! She has tolerated going down on the vent like a champ! The have been able to make quite a few changes with no attitude from Olivia. Keep up the great work, princess!

Brooklyn is 4 today! We woke up first thing this morning and went for breakfast at IHOP. Then to Target to buy a few necessities for her - things she couldn't live without, such as a new outfit for her Barbie and some new Princess underwear. It's an incredibly icky day out today, so a few movies and snacks should keep her happy until this evening when the boys come over this direction and we meet for some ice cream and a few leftover presents!

Happy Birthday, Brooklyn! We love you!


Judy said...

How wonderful to hear some great news about Olivia! We'll pray that she keeps it up!

Anonymous said...

Go Olivia!

Happy Birthday Brooklyn! Our present to you is no baseball so you can have ice cream earlier ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!! When you're home sometime you'll have to come over and we can bake a cake or make playdoh again, you choose. Have a great day!

Tell Olivia to keep up the good work.
We're praying! Burdicks

Ardell Thompson said...

Just checking in. Sounds like things are going well. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. What a fighter!!! Ardell